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Spanish adventurer takes on challenging waterfalls in land of fire and ice.

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Spanish adventurer takes on challenging waterfalls in land of fire and ice.
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Aniol Serrasolses is used to putting his whitewater kayaking skills to the test in stunning locations such as Costa Rica's Águas Bravas and the Villarrica volcano in Chile. However, he took it to another level with an epic voyage of discovery into the wild heart of Iceland. Here is all you need to know:

- The new Red Bull TV documentary 'JÖTUNN' follows Serrasolses on his expedition combining extremely technical kayaking with an epic voyage of discovery in Iceland's dramatic scenery.

- The land of fire and ice is home to some of the most challenging whitewater rapids and waterfalls in the world. Most are still unknown due to the almost inaccessible nature of the rivers.

- Serrasolses spent three weeks hiking the unforgiving terrain with a kayak on his back. They once again pushed the limits of what is possible in his sport to try and produce something extraordinary.

- Joining him on this latest expedition were audiovisual director Mikel Sarasola, audiovisual professional Aleix Salvat and photographer David Nogales - all expert kayakers themselves.

- Serrasolses, 30, said: "For me, waterfalls have always been the most entertaining side of kayaking. They scare me the most, but at the same time, they provide some of the strongest sensations I've ever felt. Being in the air, flying off a waterfall. The adrenaline and the fear right before and overcoming all mental obstacles to do it and do it right. It's an exciting and gratifying process."

- And the result of trying to navigate previously unexplored rivers? A trip that required a lot of improvisation & agility to navigate unforeseen events, with a backdrop of spectacular scenery and images that will travel around the world.

- Sarasola, 34, said: "It's in nature and in the rivers where we are ourselves and feel fulfilled. I cannot think of a better place than Iceland to start over again after such a difficult year as 2020."

- Spaniard Serrasolses made a global name for himself with his previous dangerous projects down perilous flooded rivers in Portugal back in 2018 and over a 25-kilometre descent in Chile. - His Chile project earlier in 2021 saw him perform a unique kayak descent over snow-capped volcanoes, finishing up in the river with a double kickflip, a manoeuvre never achieved in this sport, and that would secure him the Top Male Rider Award at the White Water Awards 2021.

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