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FWT22 Is on in Baqueira Beret! Competition confirmed for Saturday January 22!

Stay tuned and don't miss out on any news for the first event of the FWT22 season!

The FWT22 season opener is just days away, and Baqueira Beret is ready to welcome the best freeriders in the world. The extended weather window from January 22 to 28 will give the competition the best chance to run in optimal conditions.


The first event of the FWT22 will start on Saturday, the 22nd of January.

The wait is nearly over! In less than 48 hours, Freeride World Tour 2022 gets underway with the first event of the season in Baqueira Beret, Spain. The first competition of the season is always packed with excitement, and the riders’ first performances reveal who will be the standouts throughout the Tour. This year that excitement will be pushed even higher—the event at Baquiera Beret will be the first time in history the Freeride World Tour comes to Spain.

Don’t miss any action! Watch the live on Check your local time below:

1 PM CET - Geneva
5 AM MST - Calgary
9 PM JST - Tokyo
Sunday 23rd 1am NZDT - Auckland

Running order:

1. Snowboard Women

2. Snowboard Men

3. Ski Women

4. Ski Men

The competition will be held on Baciver, a West-facing venue with a summit altitude of 2645 m and a vertical change of 385 m. The region was blessed with copious early-season snowfall, which established an excellent snowpack across much of the Pyrenees.

FWT 2022 athletes, including defending World Champions Victor De Le Rue (Snowboard Men, FRA), Kristofer Turdell (Ski Men, SWE) and Elizabeth Gerritzen (Ski Women, SUI), have all arrived to Baqueira Beret and are busy inspecting the competition venue, training and enjoying local culture as the big day approaches. Not in attendance is Marion Hearty (Snowboard Women, FRA), who is pursuing other projects after a dominant career in competitive freeride that included four world titles.

Event Wildcards consistently provide jaw-dropping performances on the FWT, often spoiling the hopes of the defending champions and qualified riders. For Baqueria Beret, those Wildcards are: Lexi duPont (Ski Women - USA), Manuel Diaz (Snowboard Men - CL) Max Palm (Ski Men, SWE), Pau Riba (Snowboard Men, ESP) and Núria Castan Baron (Snowboard Women, ESP).

The first event of the 2022 season is just 48 hours away! Find full coverage and live event broadcasts at And don’t forget to check out the Fun Bet, where you can play against FWT fans from around the world, betting on which athletes will win each stop of FWT 2022. The platform is free to use and free to play! It’s the final countdown!


As the season is getting to a close, it is time to place your bets! Don't forget to predict your winners at here.
You can keep up to date with all the latest news about the event here. We will be posting daily updates ranging from face checks, FWT Insiders episodes, start lists, and everything in between. Stay tuned and do not miss any news for the first event of the FWT22 season!

Stay tuned on and the FWT social media channels for updates and rider news.

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