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The Classic Clubman Trial

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The Classic Clubman Trial
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The Classic Clubman Trial of Aywaille is restyled in 2022 !

One of the events not to miss out on, on the trial scene reserved for machines of the past, the Classic Clubman Trial of Aywaille, is about to take an important turn. After collaborating with the teams of Philippe Grégoire, DG Sport had to hit the brakes for two years, for obvious reasons. On Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 April, i.e. the Easter weekend, the structure of Theux will this time be alone in charge of the event, which will be given a major facelift for its relaunch...

« The fans can be reassured, the event retains its fundamentals... but its layout will be different, Fred Mohring announced straight away on behalf of DG Sport. The idea is to develop the Classic Clubman like other major international events, with only one round per day, compared to two in the past. This will force the competitors to get it right from the start ! The public will also be pampered, with easily accessible show areas, even for families or people with reduced mobility… »

The Classic Clubman Trial of Aywaille will set up at the sports center of Remouchamps, where the teams will be expected from Friday. As for the participants, the event will accommodate machines built between 1965 and 1985, which means that the first monoshocks, with air cooling, are now welcome. Some of these machines have reached the age of 40 years old now, making them eligible.

« The objective of this first 100% DG Sport edition is to reach the milestone of 250 entries, half of which will be international riders, continues Fred Mohring. Participations can already be registered via the official website of the event : »

So we will witness a new start of the Classic Clubman Trial of Aywaille on April 16 and 17. The appointment is made…

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