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UltraSwim33.3 makes a splash in Montenegro

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UltraSwim33.3 makes a splash in Montenegro
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Today marked the first day of UltraSwim33.3, a brand new swimming event that has attracted 120 athletes from 23 countries to the picturesque shores of Montenegro.

This new race format offers a fresh take on the sport, positioned between the many one-day 10km marathons or shorter intense races and the super-long distance challenge swims, such as the English Channel. Indeed, UltraSwim 33.3 is inspired by the iconic distance between England and France, with swimmers aiming to complete the equivalent Dover-Calais distance of 33.3km, spread over four days and six swims. But they will do so in a ‘race’ format in warmer and more colorful waters than the English Channel - such as Montenegro.

The list of participants from around the globe showed a remarkable diversity in experience, ability, age and background - with the youngest swimmer just 15 years old and the oldest 72.

Today’s racing saw participants complete a challenging 9km journey, divided into two legs. Starting from Lazure Marina, they covered a 4km stretch to Portonovi Beach Club, followed by a 5km traverse along the coastline to Fort Rose.

Tomorrow, day two of the four-day event will begin from Lustica Bay, with swimmers embarking on a 7.5km course to the remote Blue Cave Bay, with a feeding station approximately half-way. This will be followed by an untimed 1.9km swim around Mamula Island.

In total, upon completion of the event, each participant will have swam the distance of the iconic England Channel crossing.

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