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Emotions run high for the 9th edition of the Algarve Bike Challenge! Del Nero prevails and wins again in 2022 with “Puma” Fernandez

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7 mar 2022

Emotions run high for the 9th edition
of the Algarve Bike Challenge!
Del Nero prevails and wins again in 2022
with “Puma” Fernandez

The comeback of the Algarve Bike Challenge after a forced break due to the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t be better. Different winners every day in different categories make the race thrilling!

After three stages in the best off-road trails of the Algarve, the VAS Cycling Friendly Team of Jesus Del Nero and Juan “Puma” Fernandez Mora have won the Algarve Bike Challenge 2022. In women, Celina Carpinteiro and Marisa Costa of the BTT Loule / Elevis team were the best by far over their rivals.

The battle lasted until the last stage. Starting and finishing in Tavira, the 3 days of this Algarve Bike Challenge had a 154 km and 4000 m of vertical drop route with attacks until the end.

The race started with the amazing night prologue in the historic city center of Tavira. A short but intense 2,5km time trial. André Filipe and David Machado from Guilhabreu / BTT Seia Team set the fastest time and were the first leaders of this edition in the Open Category. In the following stage it was the former road pro cyclist Nacho Perez with Eduardo Talavera from Flyz-Rothar Racing Team who took the win with almost 2 minute advantage over David Vaz and Renato Ferreira and the 2020 winner Del Nero with Fernandez finishing with 3rd.

The local riders and winners of 2019, Andrew Henriques and Hernani Silva lead until the second feed zone, although a puncture and a technical issue take them the opportunity to fight for the victory,

The third and last stage was a shorter stage with plenty of single tracks. With the major climbs in the first half of the stage, Del Nero and Fernandez early attacked the stage and only David Vaz and Renato Ferreira were able to follow. Although with 30km to go David Vaz suffered a nasty crash forcing him to retire the race.

The battle for the win was intense until the finish line with Del Nero and Fernandez winning the stage over Andre Filipe and David Machado and the European Master Champion, Jose Ortega and Ignacio Marquez. The leader Nacho Perez and Eduardo Talavera finished in 4th position with 3 minutes difference losing the title by only 40 seconds to VAS Cycling Friendly Team.

With this win Jesus Del Nero sum already 4 titles in the Algarve Bike Challenge history and is by far the most successful rider of the race.

In the women's category, the BTT Loule/ Elevis couple of Celina Carpinteiro and Marisa Costa gave a real performance from start to finish winning all the stages and finishing with a huge gap lead over Ana Sequeira and Bruna Rosa from CBTTA Team who were second. From Team Expobikes Marga Benitez and Carmen Corral closed the race podium.

In the Masters Category there was also a huge battle for the title between the Macias Boñano Brothers of Sportbici -Mundo Forgunetas Team and Juan Pedro Trujillo, the winner of Masters category in 2020, and Javier Ramirez Abeja. A broken chain in Trujillo’s bike on the last stage take them the change to retain the lead.

In the GrandMasters category the winners of 2020 edition, Gil Azoia and Reinaldo Luis from Roodinhas Santos Silva Team were again the strongest and won comfortably.

The Mixed Category also provided great moments with an incredible battle between KMC Team of Karen Brouwer and Martin Schuttert and Corpoculto/ Roodinhas Santos Silva of Melissa Maia and Pedro Pinheiro. In the last stage Maia and Pinheiro was able to take the stage and overall win over KMC Team.

In Master Mixed category the local riders Sonia Rodrigues and Rui Fernandes from Garra / One Bike Team were unbeatable winning 2 stages and the overall.

Final overall classification Algarve Bike Challenge 2022

Open Men
1. ESP - Jesús Nero / Juan Fernandes (Vas Cycling Friendly) 06:41:02.870
2. ESP - Nacho Perez / Eduardo Talavera (Flyz-Rothar Racing Team) 06:41:43.020 + 00:00:40.150
3. POR - André Filipe / David Machado (Guilhabreu Btt / Btt Seia) 06:43:01.754 + 00:01:58.884

Open Women
1. POR - Celina Carpinteiro / Marisa Costa (Btt Loulé/Elevis) 08:59:33.131
2. POR - Ana Sequeira / Bruna Rosa (Cbttaa) 10:59:17.614 + 01:59:44.483
3. ESP - Marga Benítez / Carmen Coral (Expobikes Fem) 11:45:04.376 + 02:45:31.245

1. ESP - Francisco Bonaño / Jose Bonaño (Sportbici-Mundo Furgonetas) 06:53:18.830
2. ESP - Juan Hernandez / Javier Abeja (Conway Cdc Trujillo) 06:58:03.556 + 00:04:44.726
3. POR - Pedro Pereira / Nuno Inacio (Bttgardunha/Fundão/Create) 07:12:19.374 + 00:19:00.544

Grand Master
1. POR - Gil Azoia / Reinaldo Luis (Róódinhas Santos Silva) 07:47:59.064
2. ESP - Julián Moreno / Miguel Solano (Conway Cdc Trujillo 3) 08:06:17.070 + 00:18:18.006
3. POR - Fernando Carriço / Helder Silva (Duros De Roer) 08:12:44.910 + 00:24:45.846

1. POR - Pedro Pinheiro / Melissa Maia (Corpoculto/Róódinhas Master Vantagem) 07:48:13.744
2. NED - Karen Brouwer / Martin Schuttert (Kmc - Mixed) 07:54:44.010 + 00:06:30.266
3. POR - Ilda Pereira / Bruno Magalhaes (Casa Myzé Team) 08:33:13.293 + 00:44:59.549

Master Mixed
1. POR - Rui Fernandes / Sónia Rodrigues (Garra-Onebike) 08:49:11.570
2. POR - Irina Coelho / Hugo Conceição (Golden Club Cabanas/ Nscp - Freebike/ Bike Clube S. Brás) 08:56:52.257 + 00:07:40.687
3. ESP - Luisa Ruiz / David Zuñiga (Babuxa Teams) 09:06:46.950 + 00:17:35.380

Raw_Material_Algarve_Bike_Challenge_2022.mp4 -
00:00 - 00:06: Tavira city shoot
00:07 - 00:14: Tavira city shoot
00:15 - 00:20: Tavira city shoot
00:21 - 00:26: Tavira city shoot
00:27 - 00:33: Tavira city drone shoot
00:34 - 00:40: Tavira city drone shoot
00:41 - 00:46: Starting line of the prologue
00:47 - 00:53: Prologue night race
00:54 - 01:00: Prologue night race
01:01 - 01:05: Prologue night race
01:06 - 01:10: Prologue night race
01:11 - 01:16: Starting line stage 1
01:17 - 01:24: Race shoot stage 1
01:25 - 01:28: Race shoot stage1
01:29 - 01:33: Race shoot stage1
01:34 - 01:39: Drone shoot race stage 2
01:40 - 01:46: Drone shoot race stage 2
01:47 - 01:51: Finish line stage 2
01:52 - 02:00: Ceremony celebration

ENGLISH: Marco Fernadez (POR) Event Organizer -
ENGLISH: João Fernadez (POR) / President Do Turismo Do Algarve -
ENGLISH: Celina Carpinteiro (POR) / 1st Place Women -
ENGLISH: Martin Schattert (NED) / KMC Team -
ENGLISH: Peter Shermann (GER) / Embrace The World Team -

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