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Fasten Your Seatbelts for the Hellas Rally 2021!


Fasten Your Seatbelts for the Hellas Rally 2021!

Press Info

31 mag 2021

With petrolheads itching to get back into the driver’s seat, competitors will be strapping in for the tire-screeching and engine-roaring Hellas Rally 2021, taking place on the 23rd - 30th May. Over 260 participants from more than 35 countries will be descending on the beautiful town of Nafpaktos to put the pedal to the metal.

Marking the 2nd round of the FIM European Championship and SSV Mediterranean Cup, with a real bivouac serving as headquarters for the race, high-profile KTM ambassadors and racers taking part, 2000km of off-road action, a marathon day (a first in a European race), and the largest women’s class, you do not want to miss out on this one!

Day 1
Hellas Rally Raid - Day 1: Start Your Engines!
Petrol heads rejoice – marking the 2nd round of the FIM European Championship and SSV Mediterranean Cup, the Hellas Rally Raid is upon us. Over 260 competitors from 35 countries have descended upon the beautiful town of Nafpaktos and are locking horns with each other, with 2000km of motoring action to be covered across 6 days.With a 56km prologue and a bike leading the pack, with ex-French Enduro Champion and 6x Dakar Rally finisher, Loic Minaudier (FR) coming out on top. Well-known Tsanko Tsankov (BG) takes the lead in the SSV class, whilst Slovakian rider Juraj Varga comes first in the Quad class.

Amidst blistering heat and disabling dust today’s racing leads us onto 430km of intense action across the majestic Peloponnese peninsula across the mountainous terrain of Nafpaktos, with the competition resuming at 08:00.

Day 2
Hellas Rally Raid - Day 2: Putting The Pedal
To The Metal!
Following a great start to this year’s Hellas Rally Raid, competitors strapped in and saddled up for 530km of tire screeching and engine roaring action. Despite a short interlude on safety grounds, this time around competitors raced through the alpine zones and mountain ridges of the majestic Peloponnese peninsula.
Polish quad rider Marcin Talaga took the lead in the QUAD class, whilst yesterday’s front runner Loic Minaudier (France) continues going from strength to strength, once again leading in the MOTO class. Fellow countryman Jose Castan of Team RM Sport takes the lead in the SSV class.

This leads us onto the massively anticipated marathon day, which will include 400km with a sleep over in the town of Karpenissi, often called the "Switzerland of Greece" due to its atypical beauty, further putting the skills of the drivers to the test.

Day 3
Day 3 is upon us at the Hellas Rally Raid, with the competition resuming at 09:00 and signifying perhaps the most demanding day of the whole rally, the Marathon Day. Competitors had to muster every ounce of their resolve, putting both their driving skills and toughness to the test.
Loic Minaudier continues putting the pedal to the metal, retaining first place in the MOTO class. Slovakian rider Juraj Varga is in the lead in the QUAD class, whilst in the SSV class, Lacam Hugues comes out on top.

With over 400km of driving wrapped up, follows a sleepover in the beautiful Karpenissi and its magnificent outdoors, with competitors channeling their inner trailblazer. Competition ensues tomorrow at 09:00 with the second portion of the Marathon Day. This time entailing 220km of racing from Karpenissi to the steeped in history town of Messolonghi.

Day 4
Motoring action continues on the 4th day of Hellas Rally Raid, where hundreds of screaming engines blasted through some of the most unique locations Greece has to offer. Some of the participants were battle-scarred and others challenged by the route’s morphology, but definitely all of them remained in awe of the immense beauty of the scenery.

Moving 250km south from Karpenissi to the historical town of Messolonghi, the SSV Class is being led by Masud Taha while in the QUAD Class Varga Juraj steadily maintains his leading position. At the same time, Tobias Ebster has gotten a good grasp of the first place in the MOTO Class amongst fierce competition.

The marathon stage is now over after an adventurous 650km in total, allowing the teams to get back to the service park in order to regroup, repair their vehicles and get ready for the next day. Stay with us to find out what the next days of the 2021 Hellas Rally Raid will bring, as everyone is itching to get back into the driver’s seat.

Day 5

After the crew’s resilience and determination was put to the test during the Marathon stage, today all participants headed off to Trikorfo while also passing by the majestic lake of Mornos on their way back to Nafpaktos.

Navigating through 133km of challenging trails and gorgeous mountain peaks, the end of Day 5 found Von Zitzewitz Davide leading the MOTO Class, while Rouviere Kevin came out on top of the SSV Class. In the meantime, Varga Juraj has gotten a very tight grasp of the lead, setting the pace for the rest of the QUAD Class.

Heading on to the penultimate day of the race, all participants are bracing themselves for what is expected to be one of the most exciting days of the competition. Tomorrow the 260 competitors will be welcomed by the stunning region of Dorida where they will explore more than 300km of mountainous scenery experiencing some of the most unique routes the territory has to offer.

Day 6

Day 6 held more pleasant surprises for the Hellas Rally Raid participants, as they raced across 300km of Dorida’s most exciting trails putting their vehicles through their paces. With the beautiful sunny weather as their ally, this was probably one of the most enjoyable stages of the week.

After 6 days of competition and having become familiar with the local terrain, Castan Jose was the fastest amongst the SSV Class. In the MOTO & Quad Class, Minaudier Loic and Varga Juraj are leading their groups respectively picking up the pace as we’re approaching the last leg of the race.

Everyone is eager to stand on the starting point of the last racing day in order to go flat out until the finish line. Stay with us to find out who comes out on top on the 2021 Hellas Rally Raid, as on Sunday the participants will be asked to complete the final 112km of the race.

Hellas Rally Raid - Day 7: Final Stage

The seventh and final day of the Hellas Rally Raid found participants in Drosato where they had to race across 73km of a special stage and 112km in total before they reached the end of this magnificent journey. Let’s see how the results looked after all classes reached the finish line

Minaudier Loic was the fastest amongst the MOTO Class after a week full of very solid performances from the French rider. In the QUAD Class, Varga Juraj from Slovakia was unstoppable across all stages of the week reaching a well deserved top podium spot. In the SSV Class, Gibori Alon was the one to claim victory, as the Israeli driver was extremely consistent throughout the course of the event.

One more edition of the Hellas Rally Raid came to a close leaving all teams and participants filled with vivid memories, beautiful Greek scenery and of course memorable adventures which they will aim to revive in the 2022 edition.

Thank you for being part of this magnificent journey and see you next year with more motoring off-road adventures!

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